CII Connect 2013 on ICT, Social, Media, Analytics, Cloud

By | September 27, 2013

Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) connect was organised very professionally with many Industry veteran entrepreneurs, Vice chairman, Chairman, CEO, managing director from many companies as few of them were from Google, TCS, CTS, VIT University, IBM,KPMG, Intel India, Mindtree, Accenture, Airtel and so on…


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key Takeaways of ICT Connect:

1. Government of Tamilnadu had given full support to CII as few Ministers and Secretary of Tamilnadu government were present and narrated the scope of IT sector in Tamilnadu and the progress so far.

2. Mr M F Farooqui IAS (Secretary – Department of Telecom – Government of India) – explained about new project where central government is working on project to lay down fiber optical cable throughout India till villages which will bring greater level of accessibility and fiber optical cable can carry data, voice which will be very useful in connecting India. Project cost is around 25k crore.

3. Main topic/theme of connect was SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud) and ICT (Information, Communication, Technology).

4. Google India Managing Director Rajan Anandan presented very nice presentation on where India is as of 2013. Few points were interesting as we are 6 yrs behind China in terms of internet users and e-com transaction. 65% people in India will use mobile phone for their primary Internet usage by 2015. So far in India has 150M Internet users etc.

5. Sustainability was another topic around SMAC, ICT.

6. Today Innovation or Entrepreneurship is easy as cost of opening new start up has reduced to 90%, thanks to cloud technology and open source.

7. Lakshmi Narayanan (VC of CTS) – Stressed point on Research program organised by University as universities abroad has more than $5 B fund safeguard for R & D program. Also open course initiatives started by few University abroad.

All over it was good including exhibition, companies were showcasing their new products and they were quite informative. I remember still one product of Intel showcasing electric consumption monitoring system. You can monitor electric consumption in different bay/floor area. That was innovative and pretty cool if you plan to save electricity bill for your company. Many companies are investing in mobile app or they had pretty cool products as TCS has built POS and CTS Social Intranet portal and some other company had CRM, HRM on mob device.


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