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HealthMemo – Your Own Electronic Health Care App

Med-Memo--logo-7HealthMemo is a smart solution that you can use to upload and maintain your health records electronically. Visiting a doctor for any illness, undergoing surgeries, and buying a new insurance plan brings with it many documents in all shapes and sizes like prescription slips, medical bills, lab reports, x-rays, insurance documents and more. Maintaining all these documents is tedious and it is not possible to carry them around at all times. Digital copies (soft copies) of these documents are rarely provided by the hospitals/clinics. The app is designed to bridge this gap with the help of the ubiquitous mobile phone.


– Maintain health records as images in a secure server repository with advance encryption technology.
– Access them during any hospital visit or in case of an emergency.
– Capture and Upload the health records using the phone’s camera from within the app or choose from the phones gallery.
– Also upload insurance records, mentioning details like the plan name, policy number, maturity date and other related notes.
– Access the Medical records, modify them, add/delete more records.
– Mail the documents to yourself, or download it to your mobile phone.
– HealthMemo uses your Mobile Data or WiFi (when available).

Please install, use and write reviews. Currently this App is available only for Android phones. Soon it will be available for iPhone users. Here is promo video of Healthmemo.

Download from Google Play Healthmemo or Appstore




Facebook Security Flaw – Password is not case sensitive even you choose that way

‪#‎Facebook‬ security Flaw Captured, reported to facebook. We got reply from Facebook as below.

Case Registered was: It really doesn’t matter if your facebook password has upper or lower case, you can login in without worrying about case sensitivity. Please read reply from Facebook. Do you agree with this? Try with your password?

You’re right, we accept three forms of the user’s password to help overcome the most common reasons that authentic logins are rejected. In addition to the original password, we also accept the password if a user inadvertently has caps lock enabled or their mobile device automatically capitalizes the first character of the password. We feel this does not significantly impact the security of the user’s password or their account.



Facebook login page

Facebook login page




Ancient India lived on the principal of “INCLUSIVENESS” theory where people lived happily based on others happiness or others problem were their problem but now we live on “EXCLUSIVE” model where basic principal is “I”, “me”, “mine”.

So called advancement of modern society has made people live more unhappy and miserable.



Spicejet flight delay caused spicey clash between passengers, CISF, Spicey staffs

Running behind schedule is a common practice by Spicejet in recent days. This incident where Spicejet flight was delayed for 6 hrs hence you can see anger/frustrations of customer in this video. Delay is not only the reason but they were so unprofessional in setting timings, they change schedule departure timings 5 times within the frequency of 30-45 minutes interval they were keep sending SMS, email about reschedules flight timings which made situation bad to worst.

Most amazingly I found currently aviation industry (DGCA) has no policy to ask these airlines companies to keep at least one backup aircraft in each station for any emergency purpose like this one. I keep reading about their flight timings getting worst day by day. I got nothing as sympathy from Spicejet for the convenience caused by them. Next day, I received a SMS saying we have sent you 1,000 Rs coupon to your email which I never received. Watch this video now and see the frustration, anger of these passengers.