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CII Connect 2013 on ICT, Social, Media, Analytics, Cloud

Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) connect was organised very professionally with many Industry veteran entrepreneurs, Vice chairman, Chairman, CEO, managing director from many companies as few of them were from Google, TCS, CTS, VIT University, IBM,KPMG, Intel India, Mindtree, Accenture, Airtel and so on…


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key Takeaways of ICT Connect:

1. Government of Tamilnadu had given full support to CII as few Ministers and Secretary of Tamilnadu government were present and narrated the scope of IT sector in Tamilnadu and the progress so far.

2. Mr M F Farooqui IAS (Secretary – Department of Telecom – Government of India) – explained about new project where central government is working on project to lay down fiber optical cable throughout India till villages which will bring greater level of accessibility and fiber optical cable can carry data, voice which will be very useful in connecting India. Project cost is around 25k crore.

3. Main topic/theme of connect was SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud) and ICT (Information, Communication, Technology).

4. Google India Managing Director Rajan Anandan presented very nice presentation on where India is as of 2013. Few points were interesting as we are 6 yrs behind China in terms of internet users and e-com transaction. 65% people in India will use mobile phone for their primary Internet usage by 2015. So far in India has 150M Internet users etc.

5. Sustainability was another topic around SMAC, ICT.

6. Today Innovation or Entrepreneurship is easy as cost of opening new start up has reduced to 90%, thanks to cloud technology and open source.

7. Lakshmi Narayanan (VC of CTS) – Stressed point on Research program organised by University as universities abroad has more than $5 B fund safeguard for R & D program. Also open course initiatives started by few University abroad.

All over it was good including exhibition, companies were showcasing their new products and they were quite informative. I remember still one product of Intel showcasing electric consumption monitoring system. You can monitor electric consumption in different bay/floor area. That was innovative and pretty cool if you plan to save electricity bill for your company. Many companies are investing in mobile app or they had pretty cool products as TCS has built POS and CTS Social Intranet portal and some other company had CRM, HRM on mob device.


Samsung magic could not stop iPhone lovers

Samsung innovation could not stop iPhone lovers love for iPhone. Apple managed to sell 9M iPhone over three days of their new product launch (iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C). I would say people love the simplicity which Steve Jobs created . Moreover new iOs7 is just skin change not fundamental change in usability as Blackberry launched with BB Z10, a whole new OS. The consistency in design, principal, methods, usability and clear cut marketing guidelines with distinct product sets Apple apart from other cell phone maker company. I am going to write a post on usability test on different smart phones soon.

I don’t like their (Apple) idea on coming out with cheaper iPhone as they think to sustain in cell phone market by introducing cheaper phones. No, they should work and invest on R & D and have breakthrough innovation as they did with 5S with biometrics features and changing the theme/skin of OS. More than 200M  people upgraded their device to iOS 7 and currently using it, and that is fastest software upgradation in history so far.

Looks like Tim Cook (CEO) is doing good job after Steve Jobs left this world. There is positive surge in share price of Apple as it is currently indexing $488. Rythm is back for Apple.

New look of iOS7.

New look of iOS7.



Samsung Launches Galaxy Note 3 in India for Rs 49,900

Samsung launches Note 3 for Rs 49,900 and Galaxy smartwatch for Rs 22,990 in India.

Price seems very competitive but it deserves in the way what it gives back to you and how you can organise your life and rely yourself on Note 3 Device. Samsung has been very innovative for past few years, they had breakthrough innovation as no other digital device company could match to the level of Samsung.

They claim their smartwatch/gear will work with all types of samsung galaxy phones which is going to cost another 22k. Seem costly to have another gadget on your hand but big question comes here, will smartwatch can attract corporate users. Will you not want to wear your desired watch than wearing samsung smartwatch??? User acceptability test will be there soon as product is slowly getting in market.

Bad Bargain deal:

I did not like the idea of increasing screen size to 5.7Inches which they try to compensate with Gear but it is difficult for people to carry both together as there is more chance to forge Gear. Note 2 with 5.5 Inches itself was larger look so this doesn’t get into my head why they even thought to increase dimension. I will not accept that as innovation and this is biggest mistake Samsung does as they play with product in anyway, there is no constant move. Gear is not standalone smartwatch rather it is depending on Galaxy to work on top of it. More reviews as we explore.



Google Latest Hot Trends Visualization

Curious to know what is trending on searching engine as of now? Google would like to show latest trend to you as what is trending in search engine in different countries. You are just few clicks away, just select your choice of country and it will show you right there what is trending in the current moment.

I have seen personally Google search query live data in Google Office some years ago with different language and which part of the world queries were coming from. It was very interesting to see those data live coming from different countries and around the world as Google has become a part of life and specially a verb. We just say “Google it”.

Google claims to have more than 100 Billion search query a month and they have 66.7% search engine market share.

TV (LED, LCD, Plasma) – Importing is no more savings deal for individuals.


No more cost saving deal while importing TV from other country.

No more cost saving deal while importing TV from other country.

Importing TV(LED, LCD, Plasma) is no more a cheaper solution while coming from abroad as Govt. is very proactive on recession which is causing economy slowdown in country. Looks like government wants to restrict import of TV as when you pay same cost as  in India then you will never try to bring them from abroad.

Important notification on airport, please check this image to know what I am talking about.

Do you want to pay 36% custom duty to get your favourite TV home? What you save that you pay to Government so no more saving deal.



Arnab Goswami missing for few days

Fearless Journalist Arnab Goswami

Fearless Journalist Arnab Goswami

Arnab Goswami – One of the best fearless Journalist I have ever seen in my life. Many people asking on his    fb page and this topic is trending on twitter as he is not coming on newshour debate which is so popular in    India.

Any Guess where is he???



You can know more about him here.



Apple iPhone 5S is launching today.

Apple’s announcement is set to begin at 10 AM Pacific today.

Apple iPhone 5S is going set fortune for Apple company since this is 2nd launch after Steve Jobs left this world. There is tough competition in mobile market with different products/invention. Majority of users are shifting to android device as well so there is tuff time for Apple to sustain in market which is so volatile and based on invention, wining users heart with different path breaking functionality to make people life easier, cool!

Wish you all the best Apple!





Samsung Note 3 + Gear, Innovative!

Awaiting for Samsung note 3, everything looks good except size increase to 5.7Inches but they do compensate with Samsung Gear Device through which you can control your note 3. Air command is damn good and Scrapbook to store what all you like while browsing internet + personal work.

Using Samsung gear, you can control samsung 3 which is like visual bluetooth type device to monitor what’s going on. Let’s see if users are going to like it with Gear!!! If it is free with Note 3 then worth it otherwise it is going to be costly as Note 3 cost is somewhere like US$ 850 and then on top of it Gear cost is going to be extra.

Samsung GALAXY Note 3 + Gear : Official First Hands-on



Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration is big time in India!!!!

Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the popular festival in India for few states as there are other popular festival in other state. It depends on culture of individual states to celebrate their choice of festival as there are many festival round the year. Short term Idol worship culture in India has come right when we were ruled under British kingdom. It was organised as spiritual festival where people of our country used to plan the action against British kingdom. Hence forth this culture continued for the years and it is going so.

Idol worship is not recommended as per Vedas (Body of Knowledge). It is offensive to make idol and worship and then demolish them. Worshiping is only allowed for Deity which is established through a proper Vedic process.

Anyway Lord Ganesh is known for wisdom, removes obstacles to the people who offers prayer/worship to him.

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!!!

ganapati visarajan 2


ganapati visarjana