Gap Analysis – Building right products/services

What you want to do (in terms of products/services) and what market want you to do – is difficult for many founders/business managers to accept the change and move on than perseverance. What do you choose as pivoting or persevering decides your future of organization but there is no definite answer? It varies case to […]

📊 Navigating Ad Frequency: An Ongoing Discussion 📈

📊 Navigating Ad Frequency: An Ongoing Discussion 📈 When it comes to ad frequency, the question arises: how often should marketers air their brand’s video ads during a campaign? Drawing from years of personal experimentation, I’ve found this topic to be both intriguing and multifaceted. 🔍 It’s disheartening to witness brands showcase their ads without […]

‘HealthMemo’ a smart solution to maintain health records

The Chennai based Mooneye Group, has after thorough study and research developed an app that helps everyone to preserve health records efficiently and more importantly retrieve them when required. One can just log onto to download the application. Addressing media, Mr. Pradeep Dadha, Chairman said “In the technology driven world, where life without mobile […]

HealthMemo – Your Own Electronic Health Care App

HealthMemo is a smart solution that you can use to upload and maintain your health records electronically. Visiting a doctor for any illness, undergoing surgeries, and buying a new insurance plan brings with it many documents in all shapes and sizes like prescription slips, medical bills, lab reports, x-rays, insurance documents and more. Maintaining all […]

Facebook Security Flaw – Password is not case sensitive even you choose that way

‪#‎Facebook‬ security Flaw Captured, reported to facebook. We got reply from Facebook as below. Case Registered was: It really doesn’t matter if your facebook password has upper or lower case, you can login in without worrying about case sensitivity. Please read reply from Facebook. Do you agree with this? Try with your password? ——————————————————————————- You’re right, […]


Ancient India lived on the principal of “INCLUSIVENESS” theory where people lived happily based on others happiness or others problem were their problem but now we live on “EXCLUSIVE” model where basic principal is “I”, “me”, “mine”. So called advancement of modern society has made people live more unhappy and miserable.