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Samsung Smart phones with Android OS for sure scalable device but left negative vibes… read on…

Although I liked the capabilities and multi-tasking attempt made by Samsung through Android Mobile OS. And there are many things to love about Samsung smart phones like Voice command, multi-tasking, HD recordings, robust OS, Scalable with tons of App, ocean of Apps and list continues on and on…

I did not like few things which makes me annoyed but most important thing is how come they missed such important functionality or user experience at all.

I am, and not me only, but most of young techies are app lovers so I got more than 50 app install in my device. Now when I want to search a particular app for the time being I could not locate it immediately rather I have to view one after another and locate them. Unlike Blackberry z10, iPhone, you can search the name and related to that whatever is there in phone comes up but Samsung did not think it would be a life/time saver at all.

One more important point which I noticed about phone hanging and it could not load my mails as I have several accounts and thousands of mails in each box. So looks like it could not sustain the load my emails.

Next to Voice command, it sucks, does not work all time or you have to speak so louder or you have to mute the rings of phone to answer/reject a call. People find you crazy while shouting to instruct a phone rather tap it and do what you want. So just for putting wider choice or marketing distinct methods you can not bring functionalities which are tough to use and we need to research percentage wise users using these features.

I have been using iPhone, Blackberry old version to Z10 and now Samsung hence these are genuine feedback from a real user.

Anyway so no product is perfect, something here and their keep people engaging with particular smart phones based on their requirements but I still feel Blackberry Z10 was a great phone in terms of usability for techies but difficult for layman.

So only option which is left for wider audience without knowing more technical details even a kid can use iPhone, iPad because of its simplicity. So Steve jobs rocks for his simplicity in designing a product which is so easy and convenient to use for wider mass of people. Choice is yours but these are my feedback about Samsung and rest of the top smart phones.

Chennai – Santragachi express – holiday special train (08042) – Never ever try this train

Folks, never ever try this holiday special train (Chennai – Santragachi Express 08042). Although this train runs only for limited months Oct to Dec each year.  Until it is really required to travel otherwise never try this train. For namesake this train runs for this  route, I intend to write this post to let people know in case you are travelling first time with this train then never expect it to be on time. Expect the worst to make you happy. There is least priority given to this train en-route, you will observe all trains passing by and this train (08042) will stand by.

Chennai Santragachi puja special super fast train

Chennai Santragachi puja special super fast train

Last time, I traveled through this train was late by 10 hrs. I had to cancel many further tickets and many travelers were suffered with further journey ticket cancellation. So just keep in mind, if you travel with this train keep 10-12 hrs buffer time in your hand and not plan anything between those delayed hrs.

Well, apart from timings, I would like to talk about amenities, very poor maintenance not worth of paying the cost what you pay. Even though it had all AC coach but AC went off many times for hours and it came back for sure but it was pathetic journey in my life. I would never choose to travel through this train rather plan in advance and choose some other train. I would grade this train service to very very poor.

My request to Indian Railway, when you charge for super fast and same fare as other important train then you should maintain the same level of service otherwise you should not run such special train. Crazy, pathetic, incompetent, low grade service.