‘HealthMemo’ a smart solution to maintain health records

By | October 9, 2014

healthmemo press meet

The Chennai based Mooneye Group, has after thorough study and research developed an app that helps everyone to preserve health records efficiently and more importantly retrieve them when required. One can just log onto www.healthmemo.com to download the application.

Addressing media, Mr. Pradeep Dadha, Chairman said “In the technology driven world, where life without mobile phones is unthinkable, theneed for such an application, where health records and information can be stored and retrieved quickly is an absolute necessity. All of us agree that health care in India is generally neglected and people do not care unless there is an emergency in their family. It is here, that our app called “HealthMemo” is a boon to all, particularly to patients who need immediate medical attention and also to the Doctors treating them”.

“HealthMemo” is available as a Free App and can be quickly downloaded from any Android or IOS mobile or from any Windows or Mac desktop. The application will store and manage all paper records, charts, X-rays, MRI’s, etc. They can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, and can even be used in emergency situations to give medical personnel immediate access to vital medical history thereby saving lives.

According to Mr. Bruce Schwack, Communications Head, the idea for a health related app emanated from the group’s involvement with another of its holdings known as Stepathlon.com. “We were already well established in the wellness and fitness sector with Stepathlon, which provides access to a fun, engaging and interactive online race that encourages participants to be more active every day. This is driven by Ravi Krishnan formerly head of IMG who calls it the “movement for movement”. His reputation and connectivity have been key drivers in enrolling more than 60,000 people, representing India’s biggest companies.”

When we were discussing fitness and health, the think-tank threw up an idea on how to maintain records using technology. There were many challenges and as we crossed each one of them, we realized that our latest offering the “Health Memo” would be a runaway success. This is because of its simplicity, user friendliness and efficiency added Mr. Dadha.

Mr. Anand Pathak, the IT expert, concurs that it was the fitness movement that got him thinking about the need for the new application, HealthMemo. “Everyone is generally interested in taking care of themselves and their family. However, the problem arises when the physical reports, scans etc. are needed urgently and they are not available immediately resulting in delay and frustration. This application solves all these issues, which may seem trivial but have a striking impact on the person concerned.

It took us about 6 months to prepare the beta launch and perfect both, the mobile app and the desktop version.

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