Samsung Launches Galaxy Note 3 in India for Rs 49,900

By | September 17, 2013

Samsung launches Note 3 for Rs 49,900 and Galaxy smartwatch for Rs 22,990 in India.

Price seems very competitive but it deserves in the way what it gives back to you and how you can organise your life and rely yourself on Note 3 Device. Samsung has been very innovative for past few years, they had breakthrough innovation as no other digital device company could match to the level of Samsung.

They claim their smartwatch/gear will work with all types of samsung galaxy phones which is going to cost another 22k. Seem costly to have another gadget on your hand but big question comes here, will smartwatch can attract corporate users. Will you not want to wear your desired watch than wearing samsung smartwatch??? User acceptability test will be there soon as product is slowly getting in market.

Bad Bargain deal:

I did not like the idea of increasing screen size to 5.7Inches which they try to compensate with Gear but it is difficult for people to carry both together as there is more chance to forge Gear. Note 2 with 5.5 Inches itself was larger look so this doesn’t get into my head why they even thought to increase dimension. I will not accept that as innovation and this is biggest mistake Samsung does as they play with product in anyway, there is no constant move. Gear is not standalone smartwatch rather it is depending on Galaxy to work on top of it. More reviews as we explore.



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