Spicejet flight delay caused spicey clash between passengers, CISF, Spicey staffs

By | August 1, 2014

Running behind schedule is a common practice by Spicejet in recent days. This incident where Spicejet flight was delayed for 6 hrs hence you can see anger/frustrations of customer in this video. Delay is not only the reason but they were so unprofessional in setting timings, they change schedule departure timings 5 times within the frequency of 30-45 minutes interval they were keep sending SMS, email about reschedules flight timings which made situation bad to worst.

Most amazingly I found currently aviation industry (DGCA) has no policy to ask these airlines companies to keep at least one backup aircraft in each station for any emergency purpose like this one. I keep reading about their flight timings getting worst day by day. I got nothing as sympathy from Spicejet for the convenience caused by them. Next day, I received a SMS saying we have sent you 1,000 Rs coupon to your email which I never received. Watch this video now and see the frustration, anger of these passengers.

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